Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nazis, Aryans and India

In a post on my other Blog I explore the background of the German claim to be the true representatives of the Aryan race in the 20th century. See
In his R2 Blog "Vedic Origins of the Europeans," David Frawley, a devout Hindu teacher, points out that "many ancient European peoples, particularly the Celts and Germans, regarded themselves as children of Danu, with Danu meaning the Mother Goddess, who was also, like Sarasvati in the Rig Veda, a river Goddess. The Celts called themselves “Tuatha De Danaan”, while the Germans had a similar name. Ancient European river names like the Danube and various rivers called Don in Russia, Scotland, England and France reflect this. The Danube which flows to the Black Sea is their most important river and could reflect their eastern origins." Note the word 'could'.

Frawley traces all this back through the Romans and the Rig Vedic people. The Rig-Veda is the oldest and one of the most important religious texts of ancient India. The hymns known as the Vedas are considered the sacred knowledge of the Aryans, a people who invaded India about 1600 B.C. Their beliefs developed into the Hindu religion.

Frawley also points out that the early European Aryans maintained a pluralistic tradition, worshipping many gods and goddesses, like the Rig Vedic people. He continues, "the Europeans were a very different ethnic type (Nordic and Alpine) from most of the Indians and Iranians who were of the Mediterranean branch of the Caucasian race." Where then did the Europeans come from?

Frawley suggests they may be from ancient Afghanistan and parts of the Middle East and South Asia, where we still find blond and red-haired people. His explanation for how and when these people entered Europe is filled with many phrases like "it is probable," "it is possible," "it could" and "it may be."

Contributions to the R2 Blog are made by geneticists. Geneticists and paleoanthropologists study the evolutionary origins of modern humans. To quote  paleoanthropologist, Donald C. Johnson, "The current best explanation for the beginning of modern humans is the Out of Africa model that postulates a single African origin for Homo sapiens."

In this Blog I'm not taking issue with these theories of human evolution and their conflict with Biblical information. I only wish to point out that the science of genetics and DNA testing, etc. was not available to 19th century Europeans. On the basis of their studies of language and phrenology, a study of the relationship between a person's character and the shape of his skull, they believed they could trace the origin of the Aryan (Teutonic) people back to the Himalayan mountains of Tibet. See my Blogs: Welcome The Master Race  , New Teachings and the Nazis

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