Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nazi Links to Antisemitism's Long History

In  my novel, Freya's Child, Hulda Schwarz, the devoted Nazi priestess of the Nordic goddess Freya, makes it very clear that she believes the religion of the Jews—and the Christians—must be replaced with the religion of the northern gods. In that she reflects the well-known antisemitism of the Nazi regime and the resulting annihilation of millions in Nazi death camps. As indicated in my previous Blog, what is not known so well is the strong connection between the Nazis and many adherents of the Muslim faith, both in the middle-east and elsewhere.

Anyone interested in a deeper understanding of that connection would do well to read the book I cited, Icon of Evil, as well as some others, for instance
The books themselves are of varied quality and value. However, what they all make clear is that el Husseini is the 20th century grandfather and progenitor of an ongoing antisemitism among Arab extremists to the present. In that hatred these Muslims and the Nazis found common ground. For further background consult
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has its own take on the history of antisemitism during the decade of the 1930s. It also has valuable links outlining the 2,000 year-long history of antisemitism from the beginning of the Christian era to the present. This site suggests that Christian leaders taught that all Jews were responsible for the crucifixion of Christ, the destruction of  the Temple by the Romans and their own scattering. This hatred was fostered and continued most especially in Christian Europe up to the Nazi era. Simple To Remember has a time-line of widespread Jewish persecution across the two millennia, especially in Europe.

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