Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hitler Exhibition Raises Questions About Mass Enthusiasm

Berlin exhibition views Hitler's hold on Germans -

How could it be? How did it happen that Adolf Hitler was able to obtain such a hold on the German people? This new exhibition does not answer the question. It raises it and helps the German people to discuss it. The German Historical Museum suggests that Hitler mobilized the social fears and hopes of Germans in the 1930's and used them for the Nazi party's political purposes. Nazi rule was based as much upon mass enthusiasm and agreement as upon force, murder and physical destruction.

Anyone looking at the Nazi rise to power in the 1930's must raise similar questions about mass enthusiasm for any politician seeking power. Many here in the U.S. are asking such questions about President Barack Obama's rise to the American presidency. This is not to suggest, of course, that Pres. Obama is a Nazi or that he is to be compared to Hitler. It is rather to suggest that all of us must maintain our objectivity amidst the enthusiastic embrace of any politician by the masses, regardless of race or political party.


  1. Al:
    I would not call OBAMA HITLER. OBAMA's much more dangerous than HITLER. Hitler made POLITICS a RELIGION. OBAMA is not an AMERICAN citizen and his book Dream "from" My Father goes to his Character. Yet, all of that is conjecture. He has created CZARS, for the specific purpose to circumnavigate our legal system. We have NO representation. The Czars answer only to the EXECUTIVE office.
    Obama maybe a Muslim and that is where his ideology lies, however, he is backed by the AMERICAN COMMUNISTS. These are the ones that ESCAPED to AMERICA the same way that the JEWS did. They escaped the from downfall of NAZISM, not the persecution by the NAZI's. They revamped themselves to what we know of now as GLOBALISTS. The Bilderbergs. The NEW WORLD order people. Both the MUSLIMS and the GLOBALIST think that each is stronger than the other. The PEOPLE don't count to either one. The people are the useful cogs that allow them their own positions, that pay for them to LORD over them. The Muslim is, in my opinion to be more feared. The Muslim's IDEOLOGY is "divinely" asserted. This is more dangerous than even the worst of DICTATORS.
    OBAMA is WORSE than HITLER, because, by proxy, he has enabled the slaughter of those that are currently dying from the sword of ISLAM and Jimmy Carter is damned as well as a result. These men will become known for who they really are, once the events start to unfold.

  2. Whether Obama is officially a Muslim will probably never be proven—publicly. I've read documentation suggesting that he is. . . Note carefully that Nazis hated Communists, even as they built their country around centralized, socialist ideals. It is tricky to suggest that the ancestors of current American Communists were supporters of Nazism. . . All in all, you make some rather broad stroke accusations and I'd welcome some documentation rather than accusations. Get back to me with that. Perhaps we can put together another Blog—Al