Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nazi Flying Saucers

There seems to be an endless parade of wild speculation connected with the Nazis of WW II. This is a brief follow-up on the previous Blog, with some further links about Hitler's escape to his South Pole base.  This time we connect the supposed Nazi development of UFOs or flying saucers with that Antarctic retreat. 

The folks behind the Unmuseum write, 
It is clear that at least some of the Nazi saucer lore developed after the war, rather than during it. In his book, UFOs: Nazi Secret Weapons? author Ernst Zundel claims that Hitler escaped at the end of the war to establish a flying saucer base in Antarctica. Zundel's tale is connected with the discredited idea that the earth is hollow and the interior can be accessed from the polar regions. As colorful as such stories are, they are so far afield from reality that they can't be taken seriously.
The Nizkor Project, writing about Ernst Zündel's UFO Research details the claims about Nazi flying discs and their South Pole base.

Jane Marshall and the people working with UFO Encounters in the UK tell us more about Nazis and flying saucers. 
The genesis for the speculation about a Nazi connection to flying saucers lies in the Foo Fighter phenomenon. Our sister site, contains a fuller discussion of this topic but, in summary, the Foo Fighters were bizarre aerial phenomena encountered by Allied pilots flying over enemy territory in the Second World War, particularly in its closing stages. Looking like glowing balls of light, they were often reported to track Allied planes at a distance, altering course as needed, without obviously interfering with them in any way – although some claims of radar malfunction in proximity to them have been made 
Following the war, a fascinating article was published in Germany’s leading news magazine, Der Spiegel, in which Rudolf Schriever, described as a former pilot and aircraft designer in the German air force, claimed to have worked during the war on designs for an unusual circular aircraft which he called a “flying top.” Although he was no longer working in that field, Schriever believed that his designs may have been apprehended by the victorious powers and that the flying saucers then being spotted in waves all over the world were simply aircrafts like the one he had designed – only more evolved.
 As I said, speculation continues and probably will, ad infinitum. Of making websites and books about these matters, there is no end.


m reality that they can't be taken seriously.

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