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Hitler Died in Argentina, Not Berlin - True or False?

Did Adolf Hitler really die in Argentina? British journalist Gerrard Williams insists he did.

New book claims Adolf Hitler died in Argentina, not Berlin | Herald Sun:
A NEW book claims that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler did not kill himself in Berlin in 1945, but actually ended his days in Argentina. British journalist Gerrard Williams told Sky News today he and co-author Simon Dunstan found an "overwhelming amount of evidence" to suggest Hitler died an old man in South America. Most historians say the Nazi leader died in his Berlin bunker in 1945, but Williams claims their research, looking at newly declassified documents and forensic tests, challenges this.

The deal was done with Americans in 1945! No holocaust denial in this. No proof his body was found at the bunker. 
Grey Wolf - Book Trailer

Hitler's Escape to Argentina - 5 parts
Juan Peron was an open admirer of Der Fuehrer.  
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@summer20105707 ah ok, well until there is evidence that hitler's skull or remins or whatever dna is found in the bunker, we can't just assume he committed suicide. It could be possible, but then that means that everything else is possible, I'm just dissapointed that when history is taught to kids they are told that he committed suicide, that's not how history should be taught. Same goes for Osama bin Laden, no photo, no DNA evidence released, just the governments word, sorry no dice.
urrejhipokritet 3 months ago 10 There were several Hitler sightings in Argentina, and most of them were reported to the FBI. But contrary to what people would might believe, the FBI had an agreement with Hitler and the rest of the surviving Nazi-top. If Nazi Germany would hand over all its technologies, scientific discoveries and scientists from their A-bomb research to the US and NOT the russians, they would let them go free... And so they did!
tommiceres 4 months ago 
Others insist the claims are all rubbish. 

Adolf Hitler faked his own suicide and fled to Argentina where he lived until a ripe old age, according to extraordinary new claims. Authors of the new book ‘Grey Wolf: The Escape Of Adolf Hitler’ believe evidence of the tyrant’s suicide is flawed – and that he actually escaped in 1945 to begin a new life with his wife, Eva Braun. But the claims have been ridiculed by leading historian Guy Walters who today branded them ‘2,000 per cent rubbish.’
Rochus Misch, 94, Hitler’s former radio operator and the last survivor of the Berlin bunker, says he saw the bodies of ‘the boss’ and Eva Braun with his own eyes.
He said: ‘I was in the room next door when he shot himself. I did not hear the shot but I saw his uncovered corpse when the door was opened.
'I saw Hitler slumped with his head on the table.
'I saw Eva Braun sitting dead in the corner of the sofa, her head turned to Hitler, her knees pulled up to her chest. She had a dark blue dress on and a white frill on her collar.’ 
Historians hold him up as a reliable source and he is the author of a book, published several years ago, called The Last Witness.  
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DVD - The Last Witness 
Der Letzte Zeuge (Paperback) - Rochus Misch
It's very UN-believable. Williams has been boo'd off a number of historical discussion forums when his advertising descended into him insulting other posters and their opinions rather than answering questions put to him. Being a journalist, he doesn't seem to accept that "we believe..." is not an acepted academic level of proof on something as big as this claim.
The book is full of padding, there's at least five chapters of general WWII history before the main subject matter appears!
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