Thursday, May 3, 2012

Reflections on Adolph Hitler’s Form Of Socialism

Was Nazism a form of socialism? 
Private investigator PAUL HUEBL  recently summarized the rise of Adolph Hitler in his blog: CRIME, GUNS, AND VIDEOTAPE: Adolph Hitler’s Remarkable Success Can’t be Ignored:

He concludes:
Political leaders are hazardous for our health and safety. Politicians should be reduced to being simple servants hired to make roads, infrastructure and maintain national defense. 
Study every so-called great leader in the world and you will find a total corrupt tyrant behind their phony smiles. Trading liberty for wealth or security is always dangerous and foolhardy.
In the blog: Vote For Myself, you'll find some more questions about the NAZI party.
Why was the NAZI party called the National Socialist Democratic Workers Party and why do people want Socialism?
And some answers

Answer by Sarah J
It was actually called The National Socialist German Workers’ Party, but assuming that they were socialists because they have that word in their name is kind of like saying that the Chinese are Republicans because it’s called the People’s Republic of China. It doesn’t work that way, you have to look at their politics. 
The politics of the Nazi Party were extremely far to the right, and social democrats and communists were heavily persecuted in Nazi Germany.
Answer by David Philbin July 19, 2011 at 3:27 pm
The Nazis were “national socialists”, which is nothing whatever to do with “socialism”, the economic form usually identified with the left. And they were even further from being “social democrats”. Some of the world employs various forms of “socialist democracy”, and it actually works rather well. That is completely unrelated to your central point. 
Hitler was a pure right wing reactionary. And not a single scholar disagrees. “Reactionaries” are extreme conservatives. The Nazi Party, especially once in power, followed suit precisely. 
He did, in fact (see HITLER’S SPEECHES, 1953) encourage and enact smaller CIVILIAN government, and retracted most welfare policies. In point of fact, the German National Public Health was enacted first in 1871, eighteen years before Hitler was BORN. And the Nazis did consider revoking it, but Hess in particular lobbied against this, on the eve of a new war.
It appears wise to avoid conclusions based simply upon titles. Always examine the historical facts and the deeds of those who lead.

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