Monday, March 8, 2010

Freya, Goddess of Many Names

One of the stated aims of the Nazi regime was to restore the true religion of the north. As noted in earlier blogs, this meant restoring the worship of the gods and goddesses of the north. Tie this into the belief that the Germans were the true twentieth century representatives of the Aryan race and you begin to see the links with the various other historical manifestations of the gods and goddesses around the world. The Nazis were but returning to the worship of the same gods and goddesses the Aryans, the noble white race, had been worshipping for thousands of years. The Aryans would include the Assyrians, Babylonians, Phoenicians, later the Greeks and Romans, the Egyptians and in the Americas the Incas and Aztecs. They all had similar gods, many parallel mythical stories, but with different names. They all worshipped Freya, goddess of many names.

In Aphrodite from The Many Faces of Venus Ev Chochrane links the development of various mythological tales about ancient goddesses with catastrophic events in out solar system. Why does the Aphrodite, the mother goddess, the goddess of love, sex and fertility have such power? Why is she worshipped so widely under many names? You can read the article to see how he attempts to tie this to the planet Venus in its various phases.
Ishtar (Louvre Museum)

For the purposes of this Blog it is enough to note that this Queen of Heaven, the goddess Astarte or Ishtar or Inanna (Great Lady) was the goddess of life and love, fertility and sexuality, also the goddess of war, battles and the chase among the Phoenicians and Assyrians (see also in the Bible Jeremiah 7:18 and Jeremiah 44:17-25).

She appears as two Greek goddesses among the Greeks. Many suggest that Ishtar was the precursor to the Greek Athena, the goddess of culture and heroes. She was also the precursor to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, fertility and sex, that frivolous and promiscuous goddess, beloved by men and gods. Ishtar or Astarte are but equivalents of the Greek Aphrodite and the Roman Venus. In Egypt she was Hathor, Great One of many names, Mistress of heaven. She also became Isis, ideal mother, goddess of children. In the north she was worshipped as Freya, wife of Odin, the All Father.

In my novel, Freya's Child, Hulda Schwarz, despairs of teaching all this and so much more to Albert Freitag. To her and to many Nazis, particularly the members of the SS under Heinrich Himmler, this was the only way to go. The true religion, with all its ancient history and meaning must be restored. The destiny of the Aryan race was to rule the world. The thousand year reign of the Third Reich had begun.


  1. I find it ironic that you refer to your blog as "reclaiming our heritage" yet you denigrate the sacred nature of the Goddess in all of Her forms -- our true religious heritage that was nearly erased by the Church and the foreign god of the desert they promoted to our ancestors.

    But then, after reading the above paragraph, it is clear your scholarship is shaky, at best.

  2. Undoubtedly, when speaking about heritage, we must decide whose heritage we wish to reclaim. Those who embrace Druidism and the goddess in all her forms have a radically different heritage they wish to reclaim. The so-called 'god of the desert' embraced and worshipped by the church is the only true God in the minds of those of us who have accepted by faith His rule and that of His Son Jesus. There is no middle ground between these two views.