Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nazi Werewolves

The Wolfsangel (wolf's hook) is a very interesting rune used by the Nazis. It does not belong to any runic tradition. Wolfsangel was a device used to trap wolves. Many also believed it to have the magical power to ward off werewolves. It can be aligned either vertically or horizontally. 

 In Nazi Germany the Wolfsangel was used by the SS, the Sturmabtelung, the Hitlerjugend and a group known as the Werw√∂lfe (Werewolves). In modern Germany the use of the symbol is illegal if a connection with one of the Neo-Nazi organizations is apparent. This is directly related to what happened following the defeat of the Nazis by Allied troops.

Following the end of World War II, Nazi guerillas, called Werewolfs, carried out guerilla actions. The Werewolves were an underground organization of die-hard SS officers who terrorized both military and civilian targets. The movement, founded by Heinrich Himmler in 1944, helped to delay the first democratic election under occupation until 1947.

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