Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nazi Death's Head - Wedding Rings

This is the third in a series of studies on the Nazi use of Nordic runes. My initial reference, as before, is Nordic Symbols and the Third Reich. Let's take a look at the Hagall Rune.

By the way, there are those yet who believe that the runes have magical power to harness the "cosmic energies of creation." Check out Rune Masters International.

The star form of this rune is "characteristic of the Younger Futhark. The Hagall means 'hail'. In the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc this sign is called iar, and sounds the same as the Younger Futhark Hagall, but uses a different form.

The Nazis used the Hagall rune in the design of the SS-Ehrenring (SS honor or death's head ring). Himmler said, "The swastika and the Hagall-Rune represent our unshakable faith in the ultimate victory of our philosophy." The Nazis also used the ring as part of the SS wedding ceremony.

Here is the image of a rare Nazi death ring available from 

Here is a Nazi Honor Ring available through
Note the date on the inside, as well as a cross image. 

As I look at these rings I wonder how it must have felt to wear such a ring as a symbol of marriage. Did both man and wife wear similar rings? I'll try to find that out one day. 

If you'd like a copy of such a ring you can go to PzG-Your Third Reich Headquarters. There are resources for hobbyists interested in all things related to the Third Reich. 

And finally, here is a photo from the German propaganda archive of a "wedding hall" in the small town of Thalheim. The quote "The family is the smallest but most important unit in building the whole state structure" is on the wall. Hitler's photo is in the center with the Nazi Eagle and Swastika above and below. 


As this site says, "The Nazis wanted to replace Christian rites of baptism, marriage and death with their own rituals." 


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